Mallards Game

Going to a Madison Mallards game is something I never got a chance to do so I relied on my classmate Blake for information about this wonderful summer activity.

The Mallards play in the Northwoods summer collegiate baseball league and their home games are held at Warner Park, more commonly known as the Duck Pond.

The Mallards draw a pretty sizable crowd, in part due to great contests, giveaways, and celebrity appearances. No matter what though the atmosphere is always laid-back and enjoyable.

If you want to upgrade a bit though there is always the duck blind.

The duck blind is an area in out in right field, where for $30, you can get all the beer (18 different kinds) and tailgating food (such as brats, burgers, fries, coleslaw, the works) you want. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Although I would say that the games sounds pretty good from the normal seats too.

As Blake says, “If you’ll be in Madison this summer I’d say watching America’s pastime at a Mallards game is a great way to spend a warm summers evening.”

Get the facts…

Hours: Game times vary from early afternoon to evening. Check out their schedule.

Price: The cheap seats are as low as $6 a game. Buy Tickets Online.

Find the Duck Pond!


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