Farmers Market

The Wisconsin Capitol

After a long Wisconsin winter, one of the first signs of approaching spring is the return of the Farmer’s Market to the Capitol Square. Sometime in mid-April, with the return of reasonable weather, the Market makes its way back outside welcoming hordes of pale Madisonians for good cheer and produce.
I would classify the market as 1. Delicious and 2. Adorable. The combination of snacks (spicy cheesy bread, rhubarb muffins, mini cheese cakes, and cinnamon buns), local produce (during the summer you can indulge even on a student budget by buying delish but not as attractive tomatoes at half price, in the early fall the array of apples and local corn that are offered are not to be missed), flowers and genuine good cheer (children running around the capitol lawn, vendors eager to talk about their goods) make the farmers market one of my favorite places in Madison.
Farmers come from all around the state. I spoke to one woman who drove over 4 hours to get to the market each weekend.  It is also the biggest producer only farmer’s market in the country.  Everyone behind the stands made what they are selling you themselves!
Bottom Line=the farmers market is a summer must and not to be missed.

Get the Facts…

Hours: 6 am – 2 pm every single Saturday (and Wednesday) of the summer (April 19 – July 5, July 19 – November 8), I have heard from veteran market-goers that it is best to be there as early as possible. I have never made it before 10:30 or 11 and it is still great, sometimes you can even get good deals around closing time.

Price: Looking is free! (and tasting often is as well)

To find the farmer’s market head towards the capitol.

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  1. megebrown

    One of my favorite wordpresses–stuff white people like–came up when I was searching about the Madison farmers market on google. I thought I would put a link to their post on Farmers markets (there are a bunch of comments pertaining to our wonderful madison farmers market).

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