Madison, Wisconsin–

I came to Madison in the fall of 2004 to attend the University of Wisconsin and I have had the most amazing 4 years here. That said, there are things I have discovered after 2 or 3 years that I wish I had known about since day 1 of freshman year. I wish I had stayed in Madison every summer and hopefully this site will encourage people do so, and or help people who are already staying here get the most out of their stay.

It is both the State Capitol and a booming University town offering wonderful opportunities and many great attractions. Now lets not kid ourselves, it is no New York City and after four years here the average UW student has a pretty good sense of the town and what there is to do. That said sometimes people miss out on the best that Madison has to offer.

Madison in the summer is unlike any other time of year and I would argue any other place. Rent is cheap, there are no lines anywhere, the weather is consistently amazing, everyone is laid back, and the living is definitely easy.

If you have not spent time in Madison during the summer, or have not managed to visit during our amazing but limited warm months, you are most certainly missing out on many of the best things that city has to offer. In the pages on this site you will find a few activities that anyone visiting Madison on a beautiful summer day should do.

Although it has been made with the utmost attention and care of someone that really loves Madison, this website is in no way exhaustive. If you have any additions, corrections, opinions, questions, or musing please feel free to contact me and contribute to the site.


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